Sync or Swing

Our vision is to create music and stories that will allow performers and audiences alike to be lost in the moment. We believe that musicals for children should be appropriate for children and allow them to shine no matter how small or large their role.  We understand the challenges in putting on a show ensuring everyone has a moment in the spotlight.  We believe music has the power to make a difference and we want our work to help make that difference. We are working towards making our work accessible to all and we want to support those who take us on.

Talk to us about commissions for both stage productions and stand alone songs. We are more than open to working with you.

Scott Buchanan

Scott Buchanan was born in 1962 and grew up in rural Victoria, Australia, where learning piano and singing formed his earliest musical experiences. Composing from an early age Scott continued performing and playing while completing a diploma of teaching at Ballarat University. After graduation he began teaching primary school classroom music in 1983 and has taught and conducted choirs in many schools including Methodist Ladies’ College (Melbourne), St Catherine’s Girls’ School and Wesley College. His teaching career also includes teaching music at the International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  In later years Scott completed his Bachelor of Music at Melbourne University. He has also lectured in music education at La Trobe University and the Australian Catholic University.

In searching for material that would highlight and enhance the inherent musicality of his young students it became obvious that there was very little music theatre material that had been written specifically for primary aged students. With this in mind Scott began writing musicals to fill this gap.

Together with Debbie Nicholls who writes the book for each musical, Scott has written music and lyrics for Fantasy, Vox Vulture & The Knitting Shop, The Rooster Who Couldn’t Crow, Happily Ever After and Closed Doors. Scott was also commissioned to write music and lyrics for The Moon Chariot, which was performed by the Victoria State Opera Schools Company and was the first children’s opera they had done that was invited to take part in the Okinawa Youth Theatre Festival.

Throughout this time Scott also worked with many choirs including The Australian Girls’ Choir and The Australian Boys’ Choir and has had a number of his works performed by these groups.

Scott’s compositions range from simple, beautiful ballads through to toe tapping, get-up-and-dance numbers.  He encompasses many styles and provides complexities and nuances that both challenge and excite the performers. His lyrics paint pictures for the audience and his music stays with you long after a performance.  His works can be performed by solos or by groups to equal effect.

Scott is proud to have been commissioned to write a song for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in 2010. The Day Will Come is being used as a sound brand for the organisation and to highlight their current research project called Register4.

Debbie Nicholls

Debbie was born in North East Victoria and went to school at Kiewa Valley Consolidated School and Wodonga Secondary College. Throughout her school years she enjoyed taking part in school musicals and concerts and joined a community music theatre company where she had the opportunity to perform in and direct a number of shows.

After moving to Ballarat to study primary teaching she met Scott and together they began developing the shows. While working at schools as a class teacher, whole school music teacher and Principal, Debbie has written the books to accompany Scott’s music and lyrics for Fantasy, Vox Vulture & The Knitting Shop, The Rooster Who Couldn’t Crow, Happily Ever After and Closed Doors.

Currently working in East Gippsland schools Debbie is working on a number of projects for both adults and students to perform.

Music Credits for Sync or Swing Website

Music and Lyrics by Scott Buchanan
Arranged by Robyn Payne and Scott Buchanan
Rooster tracks arranged by Mark Puddy, Robyn Payne and Scott Buchanan
Piano on all tracks Scott Buchanan
All other instruments Robyn Payne
Produced by Robyn Payne (Admusic Melbourne)


As Perfect As This
Vocals Elizabeth Kenway and Scott Buchanan
Cello Sarah Morse

Balls Of Fibre
Vocals Vicki King, Scott Buchanan, Robyn Payne, Neil Payne

Cockadoodle Ai Ay    
Vocals Scott Buchanan

Could I Lose Everything
Vocals Nicci Minster

Closed Doors    
Vocals Vicki King and Scott Buchanan

Find My Way Home
Vocals Scott Buchanan

From Tomorrow
Vocals Nicci Minster

Vocals Nicci Minster

Haystack Farm
Vocals Scott Buchanan

I Can Be Anything  
Vocals Scott Buchanan

I Want To Believe
Vocals Vicki King, Robyn Payne and Scott Buchanan

Vocals Vicki King

Shades of Grey  
Vocals Scott Buchanan

Show Me The Way
Vocals Scott Buchanan

We're Moving On Now
Vocals Scott Buchanan