About Fantasy

Length of show: 1 hour 15min
Principal Roles: 10
Choruses:  1 with multiple roles
Musical numbers: 18
Suited to Ages:
Principals – Middle/ Upper Primary to Adult
Chorus – All ages´╗┐

Don Dickie inspired by the work of Glenn Moffatt

Sample Songs - click on link to listen
From Tomorrow
I Can Be Anything

Fantasy is a story about children who begin an exciting journey of discovery after being surrounded by others who have their own hopes and dreams and expectations of what they can do and what they should be. From a life greyed by stereotyping and narrow expectations, their lives become colourful and exciting when they meet a magical character who leads them to other places and other times in order for them to discover that anything is possible. 

With the gradual rebirth of their imaginations, the children are transported in time and place to experience what could be. They become movie stars and painters; they dance and they sing; they discover the joy and tears that come with being part of life. They begin to have fun.

While Fantasy is the celebration of children’s potential it is also a reminder to those of us who guide and advise. None of us should be inhibited by the boundaries of others and we need to always remember that children can be anything, anyone, anytime…….  



Our students thoroughly enjoyed preparing for our performances of Fantasy. Scott’s songs were easy to learn with catchy lyrics and distinctive harmonies. The plot was very age-appropriate and the students related well to the self-awareness issues addressed within the story. They particularly enjoyed the fanciful journeys to other times and places in the second act and loved contributing ideas to our development of these scenes. 

One of the particularly attractive features of this show was that we were able to give every student at least one line (often more) to deliver. This enhanced the experience, lifting it from the usual “them and us” dilemma of “leads and chorus” to a team effort where all students made an individual contribution to the action. 

I would recommend this show as one which provides an excellent balance between fast-paced dialogue and memorable music, appeals to performers and audience alike and delivers a wonderfully positive, uplifting message.

Alison Bezaire
Head of Junior School Music
Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School