About Vox Vulture & the Knitting Shop

Length of show: 1 hour 15min
Principal Roles: 6
Choruses:  3
Musical numbers: 18

Suited to Ages:

Principals – Middle/ Upper Primary to Adult
Chorus – All ages´╗┐

Glenn Moffatt

Sample Songs - click on link to listen
Balls of Fibre
Could I Lose Everything

Vox Vulture falls unceremoniously from the sky on to the doorstep of Pearl’s knitting shop. He is surrounded by cynical sheep, singing and dancing wool, two people in the middle of a marriage crisis, greedy councillors and a young girl with plans to change the world.

Vox, who has been discarded by his own society for daring to be different, finds himself engulfed in revenge, bitterness and unhappiness. While struggling to find his true self, and facing seemingly overwhelming obstacles Vox and his friends discover that problems can be solved through friendship and caring. Our characters begin to realise that not all is lost and that with a belief in themselves and by being true to their dreams that anything is possible.

In finding solutions new beginnings await our friends and the promise of what could be brightens their future. In the complicated surrounds of their everyday life Vox and his friends realise that the simplest of ideas counts: Be true to yourself.