About Happily Ever After

Length of show: 1 hour (1 act)
Principal Roles: 13
Choruses:  3 (or one with multiple roles)
Musical numbers: 8
Suited to Ages:
Principals – Middle/ Upper Primary to Adult
Chorus – All ages´╗┐

Rhonda Gray

Sample Songs
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Happily Ever After

Minerva and Lavinia (Cinderella’s step sisters) are devastated when Cinderella wins the heart of Prince Charming and looks like living happily ever after. “He must have been brainwashed,” they say. “Or maybe he was temporally blinded!” They cannot believe that he would pass them by. And then something strange happens. Along comes their very own Fairy God Parent who says that it’s his job to help them live happily ever after – without marrying a Prince!

Taking the sisters on a journey through the lives of the Bad Fairy (who cast a curse on The Princess Sleeping Beauty), Jack (who grew a beanstalk) and Little Red Riding Hood and her wolf, the Fairy God Parent shows that being happy is something that you can choose to do no matter how much or how little you have and that the choices you make in your life not only affect you but all those around you. The sisters begin to realise that they must take responsibility for their own actions and that they can in fact, live happily ever after after all.

This show has been designed to be produced in a number of ways. There are 4 characters who are on stage throughout each of the 4 segments. Three of the segments are stand-alone and can be done by separate groups or by one chorus. This gives you the flexibility to work with both large and small casts.