About Closed Doors

Length of show: 1½  hours  (2 acts)
Principal Roles: 14
Choruses:  4 (or one with multiple roles)
Musical numbers: 4
Suited to Ages:
Principal roles – Upper Secondary /Adult
Chorus – Upper Secondary /Adult´╗┐´╗┐

Rhonda Gray

Sample Songs - click on link to listen
Closed Doors
Shades of Grey
Show Me the Way


Closed Doors

This show explores the idea that our closed doors can keep us safe but can also make us prisoners. Everybody has secrets, obsessions and fears. Our closed doors hide our secrets. Our closed doors let us show one face to the inside and one to the outside world. Little do we know that we all have the same secrets and nothing we can do can hide who we are. The show examines the lives of people living in a block of flats. Each group is struggling with individual issues and challenges and all are brought together when tragedy strikes. How each character deals confronts the crisis is a reflections of us all.